A female story

LEA Sorrento has an all-female soul that is rooted in the history of the De Siero family, who in 1996 founded Sapori Flegrei in Pozzuoli, a shop offering delicious homemade liqueurs, jams and conserves. These artisanal products were soon accompanied by chocolates, in a wide range of delicious and irresistible flavours. These sweet treats soon became the driving force of our business, encouraging us to take part in trade fairs such as CIBUS in order to shine a light on our products, as well as our courage and spirit of initiative.

Creativity, experimentation and a love for the raw materials have always been the distinguishing features of this small company, which has managed to maintain its core essence throughout this journey.

An authentic soul

Today LEA Sorrento has chosen the Sorrento Coast as the natural home for its operations due to the new life and new inspirations it has found in the flavours, scents and colours of this extraordinary region. Sorrento’s lemons, oranges and strawberries have become elements with which we can create authentic treats, without ever forgetting the traditional flavours of pralines, truffles, creams, chocolate sculptures that characterised our company’s first forays into the world of chocolate making. The continuous search for excellent raw materials and innovations to our production process are the key elements that give rise to new additions to our range, along with increasingly delicious and daring combinations and keeping a close eye also on the latest food trends. LEA Sorrento is a hotbed of innovation in constant development, with many new ideas, including delicious chocolates with an ice cream centre, set to appear in future.



Excellent quality chocolate, lots of pralines with exquisite and unique flavours. They create delightful gift boxes that are a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds, and the staff are also always smiling and willing to help you with every request. I’ll certainly be back again and again!

Ilirjana Stefa (Facebook)