The Supplier will deliver the products ordered through the courier service provided by DHL or, if necessary, through other courier service providers. Except in cases of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, the Products ordered will be delivered within mainland Italy and within a maximum period of 5 (five) working days starting from the working day following the day on which the Supplier confirms the order with the Customer by means of a special order confirmation email. If the Supplier is unable to ship within this period, they will give timely notice to the Buyer by email, indicating the deadline by which the order will be processed. Delivery times may vary depending on the shipping destination and other factors not directly under the control of the Supplier and not attributable to it. In the case of payment by bank transfer, the days for delivery will start from the date of receipt of the payment.


The Supplier has two different shipping costs depending on the shipping address entered by the Buyer:



Excellent quality chocolate, lots of pralines with exquisite and unique flavours. They create delightful gift boxes that are a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds, and the staff are also always smiling and willing to help you with every request. I’ll certainly be back again and again!

Ilirjana Stefa (Facebook)