An ancient art practised with skill

LEA Sorrento carefully selects the best raw materials to make each chocolate delicious and exclusive. We use an African-origin Belgian chocolate, which has a very fine structure (15-18 microns) and a higher cocoa content than that of most international chocolate production. This type of chocolate is ideal for creating chocolates with a unique, intense and all-enveloping taste. During the tempering phase, this very fine chocolate is shaped and then enhanced by the aromas and flavours of the Sorrento Coast. From this process pralines, creams and truffles are born, artisanal products with an unforgettable flavour, inspired by an extraordinary region.

Excellent ingredients

Dark chocolate (56-60% cocoa)
Dark chocolate (70-76% cocoa)
Milk chocolate (32-38% cocoa)
White chocolate (28% cocoa butter)
Ganache: cream, butter and chocolate are mixed in equal parts, achieving a perfect balance of texture and flavour.
Almonds, hazelnuts, figs, lemons, oranges, tangerines: coastal flavours meet chocolate to create authentic culinary delights.



Excellent quality chocolate, lots of pralines with exquisite and unique flavours. They create delightful gift boxes that are a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds, and the staff are also always smiling and willing to help you with every request. I’ll certainly be back again and again!

Ilirjana Stefa (Facebook)