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    Sweet candied orange peels coated in an exquisite dark chocolate shell.

  • Ingredients

    General ingredients: sugar, cocoa paste, vegetable fats (coconut, sunflower oil, cocoa butter), anhydrous cow’s milk butter, powdered whole milk, low-fat milk powder, soy lecithin emulsifier, glucose and honey syrup, freeze-dried coffee, Beta Carotene colouring, almonds, hazelnuts. May contain nuts and peanuts.
    Limoncello chocolate and orange chocolate contain 1.5% alcohol by volume.
    Tiramisù chocolate contains Marsala (1.6% by volume).
    Fig and tangerine chocolate contains jam with 48% fruit.
    Coloured white chocolate with orange, strawberry and lemon flavour: 27.5% cocoa butter, E160, E120, E100 and E132 colourings.

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    150g (12 chocolates), 250g (24 chocolates), Single

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Excellent quality chocolate, lots of pralines with exquisite and unique flavours. They create delightful gift boxes that are a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds, and the staff are also always smiling and willing to help you with every request. I’ll certainly be back again and again!

Ilirjana Stefa (Facebook)