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Chocolate on the Sorrento Coast

Chocolate is love and passion: a treat for both the mind and the palate. LEA Sorrento has turned the production of chocolate into a real art, made from a love for the raw materials, careful selection, regional development, creativity and innovation. The product of an all-female story, over the years our artisanal chocolate factory has experimented with new flavours and new combinations, inspired by the scents, colours and flavours of the Sorrento Coast, without ever losing sight of tradition, and always with an eye to the future.

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Artisanal production using exclusive ingredients

LEA Sorrento produces its chocolates with passion and dedication. We strive for excellence at every stage of the process, including the selection of raw materials. We use the very best Belgian chocolate, a fine and delicate chocolate that is perfect for pairing with the aromas and flavours of the Sorrento Coast. It is from this captivating fusion that our chocolates are born, expertly crafted to enhance every single aroma, and with every note of flavour reverberating in a symphony of pure delight. Craftsmanship and a profound knowledge of the raw materials and the chocolate-making process are reflected in all our products, with each chocolate becoming an individual miniature masterpiece, capable of intoxicating the senses with every bite.

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Excellent quality chocolate, lots of pralines with exquisite and unique flavours. They create delightful gift boxes that are a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds, and the staff are also always smiling and willing to help you with every request. I’ll certainly be back again and again!

Ilirjana Stefa (Facebook)